SUMMER 2024: Do you love cats and all things feline? Get ready for a purr-fect summer with our five-day Cat Camp!

DATES: WEEK 2 (6/10-6/15)
​TIME: 9 a.m.-2 p.m. PT
​​TUITION: $600
TECHNICAL/MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS: $25 activity/materials fee
INSTRUCTOR: J.T. Chaiyakam and Rohnie Williams
LOCATION: On-campus (Los Angeles)

Get ready for another year of feline fun as All About Cats returns with an even more Cat-tastic adventure! Here’s a sneak peek into the purrfectly delightful journey awaiting your children:

•Marvel of Cat Behavior: Young adventurers will dive into the intricate language of feline communication, decoding playful antics and exploring the subtle art of purring, deepening their connection with our furry friends.

•Cats in Art and Media: Lights, camera, whiskers! Explore the captivating world of feline-inspired creativity with an art extravaganza and a film fest featuring classics like The Aristocats.” Crafting cat-themed masterpieces awaits our young artists.

•Playtime and Beyond: Playtime takes a leap into the extraordinary with DIY toy crafting, imaginative role-playing games, and adventures designed to keep the laughter echoing through the halls. Unleash creativity and let the fun continue beyond playtime!

•The Wisdom of Whiskers: This year, uncover The Wisdom of Whiskers as we explore the unique charm of senior cats. Your kids will learn to appreciate the grace and wisdom that comes with age, creating a special bond with our wise, whiskered companions.

•Cats for a Cause: Our grand finale encourages families to extend their love beyond the camp. Join us for volunteer work at local animal shelters, support cat rescue initiatives, and instill a sense of compassion and responsibility towards our feline friends. Let’s make a paw-sitive impact together!