Bridges Online Course Registration: Summer 2024 (LA/Online)

Bridges Course Registration: Summer 2024

The Bridges Academy summer courses run weekly from June 3 through July 19, 2024, for our Los Angeles and online offerings.  See the catalog for more details.

This year we are offering both online and on-campus courses. We ask families of students not currently enrolled at Bridges to chat with us prior to enrolling to ensure we can effectively meet the student’s needs. Please reach out ( to set up a time to talk and/or if you have any questions regarding whether our courses are recommended for your student/child/client.

Please fill out the form below to register for classes. If you are signing up multiple students, please submit one student at a time by refreshing the page after completing a single registration. You may register for multiple courses with the same student on this page; if doing so, please be sure not to select two course sections running simultaneously. If you would like to register one student for multiple weeks of the same course, please refresh the page after completing the initial registration and re-enter your information and select the second section of the course.

DID YOU KNOW: California residents may be able to use Self-Determination Funds for your summer tuition. Please contact your local Regional Center or financial management company to learn more. 

Contact us at with any questions.

**Having trouble with the form below? You may use the form at this link instead.**

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